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Welcome to the Buyanest Real Estate site. I once read a quote in a newspaper that quipped ''Bloom where you are planted,'' and I have always maintained this as a motto of sorts, because as a child and as a military spouse, (now retired) I moved around so much! Goldsboro/Wayne County, NC is a wonderful place to live and work. The people you meet are the type who look you in the eye and smile. We shake hands and hug! We help you if you are in need. We are a cosmopolitan bunch of folks from every nation on earth, some brought here by the military base, some simply by Zillow…(yes true story and I'll share it with you). Other families are generational, they and their parents, grandparents and so on, have all been born and raised here. We celebrate downtown! We love getting together and breaking bread, especially if BBQ is involved, and cornbread, collards, fried chicken, but we also love seafood, including sushi, Mexican Food, and Pubs! We celebrate the arts! There is a summer music Jam every other Thursday night downtown! And we enjoy our own Amazing Paramount Theater, where everything from Broadway Musicals, to The Nutcracker Ballet, then Opera to Bluegrass are performed. Goldsboro is only a two hour drive to the beach, and a five hour drive to Grandfather Mountain. Truly some of the most beautiful mountains you can imagine. Yes, Goldsboro is a wonderful place to live, which is why if you are looking for a place to bloom, why not consider planting yourself here in the best place on earth to live work and play, and join in our community. If you are ever in need of my services,


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