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A School of Choice
WSA exists in a county with many educational choices. There are currently 14 elementary schools and nine middle schools under the Wayne County Public School District. There are an additional eight private schools, and two charter schools.

While the public schools are focused specifically on a “one-size-fits-all” academic model and private schools remain fiscally out-of-reach for all children, WSA’s drive to provide a challenging learning environment in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math to a diverse student population remains unprecedented.

WSA commits to the recognition that we impact children every day. We refuse to excuse away failure and will ecstatically celebrate success. At Wayne STEM Academy, We Do More!

A School For All
Wayne STEM Academy is a STEM based elementary school that serves a diverse population of students from all parts of the county.

STEM Learning Curriculum
STEM is a term used to describe the academic discipline of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Success For All
Wayne STEM Academy believes in the next generation of problem solvers and innovators - We believe that all children will learn if we teach them carefully.


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